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New Patients

Welcome to Family Chiropractic Sports Injury and Rehab Clinic in Muscatine! Our relaxed, friendly atmosphere sets the stage for your healing experience.

The First Visit

Family on a hikeYou’ll be warmly greeted and given the new patient paperwork to complete. Then we will get your vitals before discussing the problem with Dr. Richard. He’ll then examine the specific area (e.g., your shoulder) that you’re having issues with. X-rays will then be taken to give him a picture of your condition.

Dr. Richard will discuss what he thinks it will take to fix the problem that you have. He’ll also let you know what the alternatives are to his care. You’ll be provided all the information about your options to help you decide how to proceed. He’ll also let you know how long he thinks it will take to get better.

You also will receive your first chiropractic adjustment at this visit. In cases of a simple chiropractic problem, we’ll schedule you for a follow-up appointment a few days later. If you find that you’re feeling better and are no longer bothered by symptoms, feel free to cancel that subsequent appointment.

This first visit takes 30-45 minutes, though it could take less time if it’s a simple problem.

Regular Visits

These appointments are typically brief. If you have a new problem, please let Dr. Richard know. You will be given an exam and get adjusted.

Treatment Protocol

If you have a separated shoulder, for example, it typically would take 4-6 weeks to heal. Dr. Richard would treat you for two weeks and do therapy, explaining what it does. After those two weeks, he’ll see how you’re doing. If you’re responding well, we’ll keep going. If you’re not, he will discuss other options at that time.

Do I Have to Go for Life?

It’s always your decision as to how long you want to come in for care. Dr. Richard will make recommendations, but it’s up to you. For conditions such as arthritis, ongoing chiropractic is beneficial because it keeps the joints mobile. Loss of mobility is one of the primary factors in arthritis advancing.

Athletes also can benefit from continued care as it will help address small problems before they become bigger issues.

Pain doesn’t have to hold you back in life. Contact us today to book an appointment! We accept insurance.

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