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Muscatine Chiropractor for Customized Care

Family Chiropractic Sports Injury and Rehab Clinic

If you’ve been plagued by pain or just want to feel your best, naturally, we invite you to consider chiropractic at Family Chiropractic Sports Injury and Rehab Clinic. For more than two decades, Muscatine Chiropractor Dr. Richard Leavitt has taken a multidisciplinary approach to caring for his patients. Not only do we offer chiropractic but we also provide rehabilitation therapy modalities to help you achieve your goals.

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Offering Individualized Treatment Plans

In our friendly and relaxed practice, you’ll feel right at home and ready to begin your journey to recovery and healing. Dr. Richard will take the time to listen to your needs, perform a comprehensive exam, and then create a personalized care plan that meets your unique goals. You’ll never be treated as a number but instead as a valued member of our practice family.

Relief for Foot Pain

As our feet are our foundation, they need to function optimally so we can do all the things we need to. We are pleased to offer custom-created orthotics for foot pain. These are ideal for those who have any of the following: foot pain, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, high arches, heel spurs, instability or chronic ankle sprains.

Enjoy Convenience and Affordability

Because we believe everyone should be able to access safe and natural health care, we accept insurance and provide low cash prices. It’s our desire to be as accommodating as possible so patients can get the care they need to live abundant lives, free from pain or discomfort. We also feature same-day appointments for your convenience.

If you’d like to enjoy total body wellness that comes with having a healthy nervous system, book an appointment with Chiropractor Muscatine Dr. Richard today!